Friday, June 21, 2013

We Think Our Mommy is Crazy

By: Juliet & Lennon

Juliet and I have been talking. We have decided that our mommy may be crazy.

Here’s the scoop, mommy thinks we don’t know when she’s talking about us. At the same time she thinks Juliet and I carry on conversations with each other. I don’t mean like we just MEOW back and forth. She tells her friend that we use different tones and volumes for different things we say.

Juliet feels it’s funny because mommy is right. We know kitties have different sounds, tones, and volumes we use to express what we’re saying.

Of course when she uses dumb baby talk we don’t understand anything coming out of her mouth.

We think when we wrote our blog about the different sounds kitties make mommy was reading over our shoulder. That’s the only explanation, or she’s crazy! I vote for she’s crazy.

If she was reading over our shoulder kitties that read our blog could be in trouble too. We suggest you keep your ears open just in case your human did the same thing.

This started when we were sitting across the room from each other, we began meowing, doing chirp’s, and trills. Hearing this Mommy got interested in our vocalizations. One of us would do several trills, meows, and purrs. Then the other would do some chattering, chittering or twittering, using different tones.

We also heard mommy tell her friend she’s going to start keeping a journal. She may even install a motion camera with a microphone. She thinks this will help her figure out what each sound we use means, or what word she thinks we’re saying.

Our plan is to have a make believe conversation for her benefit. We’ll pretend we’re in a kitty group plotting to take over the world. We hope our friends start doing the same thing to their humans.

We need to come up with a really good story that sounds believable. Our mommy may be crazy, but she’s not stupid. After all she came to live with us.

Now we have a plan, to make our mommy think we're part of a kitty revolution taking over the world. This should really torture her.

Well guys we need to start writing the first part of our little story that will drive our mommy crazier than she is already.

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a great week.

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