Friday, May 24, 2013

Me Scratches, You Scratch, We All Scratch

By: Lennon & Juliet

Meowllo everypawdy it’s me Lennon the Cat and oh yeah Juliet is here too!

“It’s Juliet the Prissy Kitty little brofur!” “Juliet, Me don’t care bout dat an mez don’t fink anypawdy else does either!” “Lennon I think the title of our blog post this week should be Cat Scratch Fever.” “Is she serious does her really fink I will allow her to name MY blog?”

I heard the craziest thing I have ever heard any human say; the pea brain said that cats have poison in their claws. Have you ever heard anything as crazy as that line? After hearing this statement I knew for sure we needed to discuss the reasons cats scratch and dispel any rumors about poisonous claws.

“Lennon, me have somefing to say about kitty cats and why we scratch mez can tell dhem what de benefits of kitty cats scratchin are.”

“Here we go again mez gonna hab to let herz write sumfing just to make herz be quiet!”

Meowllo everypawdy it’s my turn this is Juliet, hope everypawdy had a great weekend and week. We need to make sure humans understand why we kitty cats scratch and what the benefits are for our doing this ritual.

“Juliet what makes you fink you know all dat, just bepaws you older dhan mez do not mean you are smarter!”

“Lennon I do notz claim to be smarter I just sayin mez older and me hab read and heard more about dhis subject dhan you has! I also fink we should take turnz listing the fings we knowz about scratchin and its benefits, okay?”

“Okay Juliet we will try dat cause if we don’t the slave is sayin her gonna take the laptop away from us and give us a timeout, she really finks her has the authority to do that! GIGGLES”

Some so-called experts think us kitty cat’s scratch to sharpen our claws, this is not totally accurate, there are two main reasons we kitty cats scratch:

We are marking what belongs to us, see we have glands between our paw pads and when we scratch something we leave our individual scent on the object.

We also do it to file down our nails and condition our claws by removing the dead outer-sheath that develops over time.

“Juliet you would fink humans could understand dhat they file their nails because their nails grow and they also cut them.

“Yes Lennon, one would fink they would know dhis but most humans have pea brains as you hab said so often me is sick of hearin it!”

The answer to the very INTELLIGENT human who said kitty cats have poisonous claws is we do NOT have poisonous claws.

There is another reason we kitty cats scratch?

It’s fun! Scratching is like a kitty cat exercise routine – it stretches our entire perfect feline bodies. It’s also part of our inherent survival instincts.

“Juliet you just showin off using big words dhat you don’t even know what dhey mean.”

“What are you talkin about Lennon, what word do YOU not know it’s meaning?”

“Alright Juliet, give me back MY laptop you are just being a pain and I will not stand for you using MY blog to show off!”

Just because we civilized kitty cats live in a house doesn't mean we don’t need to keep our bodies and senses sharp! Humans have got to be taught that they must allow us to participate in the behaviors that keep us feeling happy, playful, and strong.

It would be downright inhumane to keep a kitty cat from engaging in an activity such as scratching so what we have to do is show them alternate things we would be willing to use besides the sofa or our favorite recliner.

Here are a few things humans should do to help keep us kitties happy and our house intact:

Provide us with ample scratching surfaces that we like it can be something you’re human’s makes or something store-bought we must also tell our humans where they should place these scratching surfaces.

Well kitties that’s all we have time for this week we hope you have been amused and we have given you some good things to teach your humans so you can be happy and keep them out of your fur.

“Lennon mez want to say somefing else give me de

“Juliet for de onez millionth time it be a LAPTOP and no we is through for dis week so stop whining.”

Oh yeah I have one more thing to say. Here is a picture of the new scratching post/toy our slave just bought for Juliet and me~

This is the one the salve bout for us:

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