Friday, July 19, 2013

I Want What I Want

by: Lennon & Juliet

My human has this annoying habit that is really beginning to tick me off. I will jump up on the bed, sit next to her, stare her right in the face, and what does she do, well I’ll tell you what she does. 

She looks me right in my purr-fect kitty face and says “What do you want?”!  I ask you what kind of a dumb question is that for her to ask me? She should always know that “I want what I want, When I want it” it’s as simple as that. Her job, her sole purpose in life is to anticipate my every want and need in advance.

What else does she have to do, nothing that’s what, she lays in that bed all day watching that dumb talking box and going online doing who knows what.

We know for a fact that she does not write a blog, run a website, have a Facebook page, or Twitter account to keep up with like Juliet and I do, we have checked and there is nothing in her name anywhere online in this universe or any other universe that we could find.

I just cannot imagine other kitty cats like Juliet and me allowing their human to be so brazen and have the unmitigated gall to ask such a question of you.

There are  times when she asks me or Juliet if we need food or water in our dish, we give her the look, you know the look, that says YES dummy we are both sitting at our food dish where we can see a tiny empty spot in the bottom of the dish meowing our heads off because both bowls are completely full.

There is another thing she does that makes me want to drag my claws down the wall. If I  jump up on the bed look at her and then look at the treat drawer. How could she not know that “I want what I want, when I want it”, a treat. Is that too difficult for her pea brain to figure out?

Juliet and I are beginning to think we should get together with some of our fur-iends and open a school for humans where they can receive the proper instruction on how to know “What we want, When we Want it”.

Have a good week everyone and we will purr more next week!

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