Friday, June 14, 2013

What’s a Girl to Do?

by: Lennon & Juliet

“Psst Hay Mom, psst mommy!" 

"What is it Juliet and why are you meowhispering?"  

"I am meowhispering bepaws Lennon is asleep on top of the eating room cabinets and I is wondering if me can use da puter while Lennon is asleep.  Juliet you don’t have to ask to use the computer it is your laptop too.”

So me sneaks over to the cabinet dat Lennon put the computer in and get da computer, he thinks I did not see where he puts it but me saw him. Now me has climbed under da sleeper sofa where Lennon can’t find me to write something in our blog so here we go!

A Meowlicious  hello to everypawdy me sure hope you had a good week.  This is Juliet the Prissy Kitty as you may have guess from the title of this week’s blog. Lennon has been keeping close watch on the computer since I snuck off with it the other time while he was sleeping.

I have had a very strange week and me not sure if it’s ever gonna end, Lennon my brofur is driving me crazy.  He wants to play all the time now don’t get me wrong I love to play as much as the next kitty but a girl has to have her beauty rest.

Every time I try to sleep here comes that pesky paw to wake me up he starts by playing with my tail and if I don’t take the bait he will work his way up to my head.

I know he told you guys that I was sleeping in the window and when me fell asleep I fell out of da window but that’s not exactly what happened. I did go behind the curtain and on the window sill and yes I went to sleep but it was Lennon messing with my tail that made me fall out of the window.

“Juliet da hoomom say you has MY laptop and I want it back, what are you doing with it anyway? You better not be writing in MY blog!”

“Yes, Lennon I have OUR laptop and yes I am writing in OUR blog, da hoomom say me could and dat you need to stop saying it’s only your blog.”

Like I was saying Lennon is always pestering me I don’t care where I try to hide to get some beauty sleep here he comes. The other day I went under da sleeper sofa cause there is a hole tore in the bottom piece of  fabric so I climbed up inside there and went to sleep. It was not long before here comes Lennon trying to tear the hole bigger and get inside to aggravate me.

He did not succeed in getting to me, he did succeed in scaring our hoomom half to death because when him was trying to tear the hole bigger he got a pretty big piece of fabric down his throat and could not swallow it or hack it back out.

Our hoomom was very scared cause Lennon could not breath and her has a hard time getting out of da bed to get to him because of her disease. Then Lennon bitted her twice before her could get hold of the fabric and pull it out  of hims mouth. Lennon screamed like a little girl when her pulled dat piece of cloth out den hims realized he could breathe again the was like all lovey dovey  wid our hoomom.

Him should has been sweet to our mommy cause her was crying, shaking, and it a lot of pain because Lennon just had to aggravate me like usual.

“Here comes dat pesky Lennon now!”

“There you are Juliet, why are you under da sofa? You know MY mommy say we are not supposed to be under dat thing anymore.”

“Lennon actually mommy gave me permission to bring the laptop under da sofa so I could write in peace for a change, besides it was you she told not to be under the sofa anymore.”

I has to admit that I have been teasing Lennon about the way him screamed like a little girl but I was scared like da hoomom. Lennon is just very lucky mommy is always reading things about first aid for kitty cats it has not been long since her read one on how to help a kitty that has swallowed string.

Well it wasn’t a hairball but dis is kind of what Lennon looked like trying to hack up dat piece of fabric

A choking cat is a truly distressing experience and fast action is essential to try and alleviate the problem.

You can read the steps you need to take if anything like what happened wid my brofur happens to you or your kitty at

We will be back next week to tell you something else silly and pawssibly dangerous dat me brofur may has done….

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